Top of the World!

July 27th to July 29th, 2018 – When Pete invites you on a bikepacking trip you can expect two things: It’s going to rain. The route will be a gem. So when Pete, Erin, Grete and I planned a long weekend adventure up into Canada we had an idea of what we were getting into… […]

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May Bob Marshall Snow Survey

4/26 to 4/30/2018 – Keeping along the lines of chronological order (and being way out of season) here is a real highlight trip of this last spring. A couple of weeks before this trip, I had the mad itch to get out for a multi-day adventure but wasn’t having much success locking anything down. Then […]

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Oops! Another Winter Flew By…

Winter 2017/2018 – Ahhhhh schucks, I lost track of time and forgot to update the website with some of the adventures from this last winter. For the sake of escapism (from the July heat), here is a bunch of photos and some brief descriptions from some of last winter’s wanderings! First off the press is […]

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Product of Mexico

9/30 to 10/16/2017 – Words by Grete When you book your tickets to Mexico two weeks prior to your trip, your parents will worry that you haven’t done enough planning. And you haven’t. You don’t know where you will go. But you found a really good deal on a flight to San Diego, and you […]

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Mud Daah Hey

9/21 to 9/24/2017 – It is a real bummer not seeing one of your best buddies for 2 whole years.  So when that friend proposes meeting up to give a whirl at a quick bikepacking trip at classic mountain biking venue… you show up.  Dave planted the seed to meet up and ride the Maah […]

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We’ve been hiking a bit…

Mid-May to Early-August 2017 – Well, this summer rolled in quick, hot and dry after our wet spring, and hasn’t let off yet (for a single day!).  We’ve been enjoying the endless blue skies (until recent wildfire smoke rolled in and a surprise damp cool day on the Rocky Mountain Front) by getting out and […]

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Hanging On To Winter…

5/5 to 5/30/2017 – We had an excellent winter here in the Flathead Valley, with storm after storm rolling in and filling the mountains with plentiful snow.  Therefore, come spring time, there was plenty of skiing still to do (and plenty more currently).  Here are photos from a handful of great spring outings in the […]

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