First Post!

Hello, my name is Zachary Miller and this is my blog.  I hope to have it up and running with updates to short stories, articles and photos within the next couple of weeks, but feel free to shoot me messages or comments!  I’m pretty excited to get this going so you should be too!


3 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. So far, so good. I learned something about Folsom Ski Co. that I didn’t know before! Good luck on this venture. I will put this down as one of my websites to check regularly. I am excited to see what you’ll write about next!

  2. Zach: I enjoyed reading your first blog post on Folsom Ski Co. and I liked exploring your bolg site also. It appears very proffessional and well thought out. Congratulations and I have you on my Favorites and will check in regularly to hear what is next…….. Thanks.

  3. Hi Zach

    a little late but was checking out the article and really cool photos of your Alpental back country ski trip. pretty niffty stuff. Are you going to post anything on either your Mt. Baker and or the back county ski and campoing trip in the Rockies? Hope so as your photos are fun to look at with the story.



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