Cricket Rail Jam 2010

Amid the sounds of spring taking hold all around Colorado, was the distinct scraping sound of shovels and asphalt heard throughout The Hill on March 4th, 2010.  The ear-wrenching sounds were in preparation for one of the University of Colorado’s favorite student events – the annual Cricket Campus Rail Jam.  By five pm, a two-story scaffolding, plywood, astro-turf and snow structure stood tall in the center of the intersection at 13th & College.  The feature was surrounded by an amped-up crowd of CU ski and snowboard bums who came out to see the top talent of the university show their stuff on three challenging features with nearly impossible landings.

I decided to focus on one competitor throughout the competition: Nate Kranz, a freshman at CU whose Minnesota mini-mountains developed him into a seasoned rail-jockey and un-intimidated flat lander.  Here are a couple of photos that stood out from the competition (plus one of another competitor, Cam Boll, because the shot was too nice)



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