Spring Break 2010 – Durango

Headed down to Durango for a week of skiing for this year’s spring break.  The included photos are from skiing backcountry off of Molas Pass and Treasure Mountain Hut (outside of Silverton), inbounds skiing at Durango Mountain Resort (Purgatory) with the crew from The Ski Barn, and a few lifestyle and scenic Durango shots Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Spring Break 2010 – Durango

  1. Once again, I think the portrait makes this post awesome. It’s alot of awesome, beautiful pictures, and then BAM, Bailey, and some PBRs. Now it’s a story

  2. I agree with Casey about the phots in this post being awesome, but being less familiar with all the players in the photos, I must assume the portrait Casey is talking about is of the “relaxed and all knowingly wise” dog on the porch. Is that in fact Bailey? Or am I missing something. I do have to say the “hut” looks inviting along with the feast in hydration……. I am sure brought on by the dry air at hi altitudes. Looks like fun had by all. Great post…..


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