Spontaneity and Silverton

Jonny Cromwell, Casey LeFever and I took our pursuit of powder to a new level this last weekend.  The result? Epic skiing for a couple of days and my first time experiencing Silverton Mountain.

Series of events leading up to the trip: 1. Late night study session at Ihop with Anthony Orig, Becca Mathes, and Casey 2. Anthony mentions he plans to ride Silverton for the first couple unguided days of the spring the upcoming Saturday and Sunday 3. Checking snow reports = 15-30″ predicted by Friday 4. Finish studying ~5:00am and nap before class 5. 7:30am – wake up and begin class/midterm/write journalism article and finish around 3:30pm 6. Call Jonny – he’s in 7. Pack car, stuff faces, top off tank, leave Boulder at 6pm 8. Drive across the beautiful state of Colorado through multiple blizzard-topped passes 9. 2:30am – Arrive in Silverton Mountain parking lot, pee, set alarm, begin sleep 10. 7:59am – wake up to fresh snow, being parked in by Silverton’s friendly ski patrollers, and a quick hood-top breakfast

Day One – Smiling like kids in a candy store and shredding DEEP DEEP snow by 9:00am.  Repeat 6 more times and suddenly its 3:30 and the lifts are stopped.  Such a good day of skiing I was incapable of pulling out my camera (and that has never happened before).  We finish off the day in the yurt with beers and head down to Ouray to rest and recover for day two.

Day Two – Anthony and Becca made it up and we lapped up the rest of the freshies we could find, then started looking at the technical lines.  The highlight of the day was cruising a 2,000 vertical foot, powdery run off the top of “The Billboard” where Jonny and I connected 3 chutes together with a series of wide open powder fields.  Again, we skied until the lifts stopped turning.

Silverton Mountain is an unreal place with ridiculous terrain.  Here are a couple of the very few photos taken while there.


3 thoughts on “Spontaneity and Silverton

  1. SICK pic of Johnny. And one last good pic of Heraldo the HelmetHero before he died.

    Best weekend ever. And btw, it was much closer to 3,000 vert. If you count the traverse and shuttle (or road ski), then anything from the billboard is 3,047 feet.

  2. Excellent post Zach….. I liked the brief blow-by- blow in story form description. It adds a lot to getting a sense of the trip and makes the pictures more a part of the experience versus just seeing the pictures. The last picture in the post is pretty inspiring and for a non-ski person, you gotta be nuts to go down there without a parchute. But, sounds like you had a good time. Glad “Winston” made it there and back, but “Winston” looks to be a bit crammped for a “camper RV”. Take care !

  3. Were you there for the first day of unguided on that Friday? I got 4th chair that morning and it was so out of control. So much snow! One of the best days I had all season!


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