Dead Dog

4/30/2010 – Torrey’s Peak (14,267 ft) is the first 14er I ever had the opportunity to ski.  Jonny, Casey, and I got after it with a traditional alpine start, leaving Boulder in the middle of the night and starting on the trail at around 4:30am.  By the time we reached the base of the couloir – after miles of traversing slopes – Casey’s snowshoe laden feet were done, so Jonny and I headed up for one of the hardest ascents of our lives.  4 hours and 2,000 ft later Jonny and I summited Torrey’s.  After a summit photo (to prove it was bagged) I put away the camera, wanting to remember the descent only in my own memory.  Upon entering the gigantic chute, Jonny triggered a soft slab that propagated across the trough of the couloir and ran the entire length.  After that came the single greatest run of my (and I believe Jonny’s as well) entire life.  Dead Dog Couloir is something I will never forget.  Here is the summit shot – the only photo taken all day.


One thought on “Dead Dog

  1. Okay, now you are scarring your blog followers…….. cool photo at the top and very glad you both made it down safely. take good care as we are looking for more blogs photos. Later…….


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