Some Mid-March Keepers

3/12/2011 – Dragon’s Tail Couloir in RMNP has deceived me twice before this day, but with solid conditions and a comfortable late morning start, it was time to conquer this classic line.  Casey, Ryan and I headed up to get after this line each with our own personal motivation for being there.  Casey was on his first attempt, Ryan on his second, and I was there for redemption after a big crash in the couloir back in November.  Turns out ‘third times the charm’ and I got to finally check Dragon’s Tail off my list.  Conditions were boiler-plate/ice-sheet and kept us on our toes.  Here are a select few shots from the day.

3/14/2011 – Here is a bonus image I decided to toss in of Jonny in Chutes’n’Ladders in the East Portal.  As usual, it always delivers the goods.



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