Washington Righteousness

5/14/2011 to 5/20/2011 – After a week long roadtrip from Colorado back to Washington (due to Winston’s incredible stubbornness) the Pacific Northwest ski mountaineering adventure began.  I met up with Jonny Cromwell, Daan Stevenson, and Andrew Steger shortly after their 3-day attempt at Mt. Rainier.  We skied a classic PNW day at Alpental with rain down low and dumping snow on top to warm up my legs and relax theirs.  We then picked up Dave Reed and headed off to Whidbey Island to plan for our next week of skiing.  Over the next few days we went for the Hidden Lake Peak fire lookout station, bagged Mt. Baker, and ripped up the Baker area backcountry.  Here is a link to Dave’s blog post about the trip – BCA Blog – and another link to a little video he put together – youtube.  The photos below represent the trip through my eyes and my lens.



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