The Blue Mussel Cabin

10/23/2011 to 10/24/2011 – When you are stuck in a classroom in an abandoned gas station for nearly 8 hours a day, you really feel the urge to get outside and do something with your days off.  Our WEMT class’ favorite weekend activities included going out for some afternoon drinking in Juneau and exploring the Forest Service/Alaskan State Cabins.  During our month in Juneau, a select few of us had the privilege of getting to visit two of these cabins – the Eagle Glacier Cabin & the Blue Mussel Cabin – and unfortunately I only had my camera for the latter.  This is the photographic story of our wonderful adventure at the Blue Mussel Cabin.  The cabin is located on on the southern end of Berners Bay, at the very northern end of Glacier Highway out of Juneau.  From the trailhead, the 3 mile hike was classically Alaskan in that we crossed through planked muskeg marshes,  along an intertidal zone, and through a moss-drenched temperate rainforest to finally drop us in a private cove of our own.  After arriving at the cabin and getting a fire started to dry out everything that was wet, we explored the intertidal zone left during low-tide, playing with all sorts of organisms living in this incredibly diverse micro-ecosystem.  As it got darker out, we made dinner and began drinking (to keep warm) with the never to be forgotten games “Purple Rainbow” and “Thumper.” The next morning we made breakfast, packed up, and hiked out.  If you are ever in the Juneau area, please get out and enjoy these cabins!  Here are some photos to ponder…



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