Some More Exploration in the Wasatch

1/9/2012 & 1/14/2012 – So far, my tours with Matt Primomo have been excellently adventurous, and our late-start afternoon tour only further reinforced this feeling.  Starting at the trailhead around 1pm, our group of Matt, Todd,  Laura, and I headed out and began to explore.  We hopped through drainages and skied shots the entire afternoon and ended the day with a sunset descent of the excitingly sporty south-face of Emma Ridge.  Awesome terrain learning day with beautiful light to finish it off! Here are a couple pics from the end of the day…

Then, on the 13th, Old Man Reed came to town for Outdoor Retailers and we got a couple mini tours in during the weekend before the show.  Our first day we hiked and shredded wonderful powder in both the Silverfork and Mill D drainages.  The second day, we shot out a Solitude Gate with goals in the Wolverine Cirque, that ended up not panning out.  But we still found excellent turns off of the north-eastern face of Wolverine Peak and had an awesome ridge hike en-route!



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