Carrying A Camera At Work

1/20/2012 to 2/18/2012 – Wow, its definitely been too long since my last update… but whatcha gonna do?  To update you folks, I haven’t been shooting nearly as many photos as I ought to, have been working much too much (19 of the last 21 days), and have been messing around with shooting video (so expect clips to start popping up on my vimeo account in the next month or so).  On the other hand, patrol has been a blast (pun?) and we finally received a couple tastes of that Utah blower snow I’ve dreamed of since moving here!  These photos are a little collection of the bunch I’ve shot so far while at work around Solitude and are all a bit older… but I’ll try to get some pow shots up soon as well!  Enjoy, and please do all you can to go shred the gnar as often as possible!



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