Another Peek At Patrolling

2/7/2012 to 2/19/2012 – Just a couple more photos of daily life on the patrol.  The first photo is of Brendan Finneran ready to tear shit up in the Headwall! Put more cleanly, he is enjoying the variety of patrol work and is headed out to cut up a down tree after a wind-storm.  The next photograph is of Scot Livingstone shredding Shot 3 on Fantasy Ridge pre-public with a fresh 6″ or so.  The final photo is of Adam Teel booting up Fantasy Ridge above Shot 2 on a control morning.  Plenty of new snow in the last week offered up some pretty awesome pow skiing (wishing I had a snorkel last Monday) and gave us a bit of a “reset” for the spring season! Enjoy the photos….


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