Breaking in the Howitzers

4/2/2012 – After saving for most of the winter and a couple of boot sizing issues, I finally got my new touring setup mounted and ready for shredding.  The setup is: Skilogik Howitzer 186s with Dynafit TLT Vertical ST bindings, Dynafit ZZero TC4 boots, and my beloved BCA magic carpet skins!  Being that the skis are called “Howitzers,” I assume they are meant to bomb lines like no other ski, and therefore I only plan on allowing the ski to do so.  These couple of photos are from the Howitzers first day out, where they toured approximately 5k’ and pointed me into an excellent couple of Wasatch lines.  The tour went as such: out the Highway to Heaven gate at Solitude, dug a pit and completed a full pit profile on it, skied East Bowl from Emma Ridge, skinned up West Bowl, dropped into the Shark’s Fin, skinned up Flagstaff, and finished by dropped into the Hallway Couloir.  Finding the entrance to the Hallway Couloir, a Wasatch classic, was sketchy but the skiing easily made up for it with 75% of the turns being over knee deep!  This new setup’s first day was an excellent start on its journey into Gnarnia, and my only complaint about the skis was that they had TOO sharp of edges! Enjoy the pics…



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