Wandering Up Superior

4/15/2012 – As my season in the Wasatch drew to a close, I still knew that I had to stand on top of Mt. Superior before I could call it a successful winter.  Sunday was my only day off that week, and therefore was my last good chance at bagging the peak.  Sunday was also Solitude’s closing day, and being that I’d put in the whole season on little Mount Solitude’s slopes, I needed to be there for the final party as well. To add icing on the cake of my Sunday plans, my good buddy Grete rallied some friends from the barren mountains of Colorado for a spontaneous run out to Utah to capitalize on the meager weekend snow predictions!

We headed up to Cardiff Pass then skinned, booted and post-holed our way to the summit along Superior’s east ridge.  After tagging the summit, we poked around with a couple snow pits and considered our options for the descent.  Due to the dense fog holding around the summit as well as improved snow quality we opted for our original plan and headed down the northeast face for a couple thousand feet of exquisite hero-snow turns!  On the way out we got a couple bonus descents with variable snow.

After shredding Superior and dropping off the Coloradans at Snowbird, I headed back to rage at Solitude’s closing day… and what a party it indeed was! in the end, Sunday turned out pretty amazing with my morning with Grete and Jordan and an awesome closing day at Solitude! Here are some photos from the morning backcountry tour, enjoy!


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