Bicycle Wandering?

8/27/12 to TBD – I am currently sitting at the Estes Park town library, on the fourth official day of our Great Divide bicycle tour.  I am out on this excellent adventure with solid membersof the dream team: Sir Jonny Bomber and Captain Dave-O Reed.  We started a couple days ago in Golden, hitting Coors Brewery on the way out of town and, after achieving Peak -to-Peak, have been following it ever since.  The tour has hopeful goals of following the Great Divide Trail up and into Canada, but only time will tell where and when we end up!  If you would like to follow where we are headed check out my SPOT updates at every one of our campsites at:

Considering posts from Mt. Hood, Hawaii, Mt. Massive, summer living, etc… expect to see them after the resolution of the tour.  Don’t worry thought, because they ought to show up eventually!  Anyways, time is about to expire on the free internet so I’de best let you go… Adios and have a great day!


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