Skiing in the Hood

4/29/12 – After a solid week of schralping around the Cascades, Jonny and I set our sights at Mt. Hood to cap off the trip.  Although it’s dwarved by many of the Cascade volcanoes, the mighty Wyeast held a special spot in Jonny’s heart after skiing on her lower flanks all season long; slowly learning her soul and caressing her ridges for a later summiting.  Therefore, with a little dream team ambition, we had to gun for Mt. Hood.

Leaving the car around 7:30am, the ascent was strait forward and efficient – knocking out the first 2,500′ to the top of Timberline in a quick hour and passing countless suffering mountaineers slogging their way towards the summit.

The only hold-up was a dropped ski, by myself, which offered us a half hour delay and some choice bonus vert for myself (1,500′) just below the Dome.

We summited shortly after eleven, soaked in the views and discussed descent options.  The potentially cliffed-out Wyeast face, above Mt. Hood Meadows, seemed the most interesting so we headed that way only to discover that, indeed, we could not get through with the minimal gear we brought along.

When we realized there was no safe way through, we lobbed the skis back on our packs, crampons back on our boots, and hauled it back to the summit to ski the traditional route back down.  All in all, we were back at our car before one pm and smiling at achieving another summit.  It has been hard to stop smiling since that day, whenever thinking about the most excellent week Jonny and I had enjoyed in the Cascades! See you next year PNW…


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