Goodness Gracious

11/10/12 & 11/11/12 – I’m going to start this post off a bit different because I’m too excited about ski season to contain myself and showing restraint in not posting photos of fresh snow would just be downright awful.  Therefore, I will skip many of the updates that needed to happen – Hawaii, Mt. Massive, Summer, and the all-out photofest that is the Great Bicycle Tour – and instead offer your optical receptacles some powder pleasure.

Anyways, the season started off good in the Wasatch.  We had the late October storm that unloaded on much of the West, then a couple weeks of warmth, and then winter hit.  And wow… did it ever hit… but rather than shoot you storm totals, I’ll just let the pictures  talk for themselves.

The first two photos are from a mellow and wonderful first tour of the year with a fellow Solitude patroller, Caleb Merrill, and one of his friends Matt.  We wandered up to the Summit top shack and enjoyed turns down the Liberty Bowl and Headwall Forest inside of un-opened Solitude boundaries.



Day two of the powder storm that started off our season in the Wasatch involved a quality mini-tour of a couple laps in the USA Bowl.  Being that no ski resorts had opened yet… let alone began to set up, this day proved how authentic the nic-name “WasAngeles” applies to the incredibly over-populated backcountry in this little powder-packed range.  Specifically, our party (larger than usual) met with two other groups on the first skin up the bowl and formed a continuous line of 21 backcountry skiers headed uphill… Yet within the mega-skin-posse headed up the bowl were a couple of UAC forecasters and a few of the local-core Wasatch backcountry regulars, proving that even with the multitudes out in the backcountry, it’s still a small community. Why were they all out? Feast your eyes on the faceshots…



These photos aren’t slashes or posed… they are the real deal… low angle lovin’ turned powder purist perfection! Anyways, pray for snow and go get some turns!

More posts coming soon…


One thought on “Goodness Gracious

  1. Looks like you’re making the best of the situation up there! I’m gunna scrape around the Front Range/CO on Friday with my new gear. Keep dispatching, it’s great to see a backcountry with snow and people charging.


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