The Sawtooths… or is it Sawteeth?

4/21/2013 to 4/25/2013 – Skiing in Idaho is the real deal.  This little post covers a recent yurt trip in the Sawtooth Mountain Range, near Stanley, ID and gets the ball back rolling on updating this website with more photos from a fruitful summer, fall and winter!

A handful of peeps from Utah (and one from Montana) rallied for the trip fresh after closing-up our ski areas to enjoy some high quality spring skiing, a good bit of partying, some solid relaxing, and a touch of recreational toiling.  I’ll let the photos speak about the trip and leave the rest to our memories and your (the reader’s) imaginations… enjoy!

Here is a link to the Sawtooth Mountain Guides (company running the yurts) page if you would like to create your own glorious adventure in Idaho!


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