The Kokopelli Trail

10/12/2013 to 10/17/2013 – While having a glorious conversation with Jonny Cromwell in mid-September, discussing adventures during his summer in Glacier Point, Alaska and his plans (or lack there of) for the fall and winter, we came to the conclusion that another bicycle trip was in order.  A couple weeks later, Grete and I happened to be driving through Whidbey Island on a Washington state wander breaking in the new truck (Wendy) and got ahold of Jonny.  He had just gotten in -that morning- from his ferry ride back from AK and we ended up enjoying dinner, drinks, and a night under the stars on his parents’ roof.

Before we left the next morning, it was decided that Jonny would be accompanying Grete, Bonnie, and myself back to Colorado in a couple days and that we would be figure it out from there.  On the drive back to CO, we called up Dave and informed him that he would be joining us (reuniting the Dream Team) on the Kokopelli Trail in a few days.  Of course, he was down.

A week later we met-up at Dave’s mom, Holly’s, house (launchpad for all great adventures it seems), grabbed free beer from a Coors short-tour and headed west-bound.  A couple hours into the drive, we got a little distracted and ended up going skiing on Vail Pass, then continued to the desert… And the rest is history… So here are some photos to tell the story!

For further reading (and more great photos), here is another take on our glorious ride by Dave (link). A fellow bicycle adventurist friend, Nicholas Carman, was only a few hours behind us on the ride (unaware to us until we arrived in Moab) and his excellent write-up can be found here (link).


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