Fall Washington Roadtrip

10/3/2013 to 10/6/2013 – Last fall Grete and I were back in Washington for a short bit and took a couple day road trip to break in the new truck, Wendy. We hoped to enjoy a bit of Washington’s authentic beauty so the drive focused on both hitting the Cascades as well as the coast.  Our drive went up and through North Cascades National Park, down to Whidbey Island, across to the Olympic Penninsula, and finished back in the Seattle area.  Anyways, Grete was ecstatic about the trees and the forests and the drive was an excellent refresher for myself as well.

Hopefully there should be a few more posts soon!


2 thoughts on “Fall Washington Roadtrip

  1. Zach

    I liked your post on last fall’s NW road trip. The photo’s are really breathtaking and I also appreciated the variety mix. We really do live a a beautiful place up here. I gotta tell you my favorite pic was what I called “the tree-hugger” photo. That was the one with the rather short blond woman hugging an old growth evergreen.

    Hope your both well. I am doing okay. Now walking with a walking stick instead of the full walker. Getting stronger day by day and wanting to do more but then mom and my body send me warnings and damn, the stupid wall pops up in front and I am done for awhile. My lessened learned…. Take care of your body parts and appendages and stay fit. If I wasn’t in pretty good shape, this recovery would not be as smooth as it has been before.

    Take care and keep smiling.


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