A Couple Days in Fruita…

6/10 to 6/12/2014 – After a couple weeks of non-stop rafting work, Grete and I needed an escape, if only for a couple of days.  To get away, we headed west to Fruita, CO to bike, camp out and celebrate her birthday.  We arrived at Fruita’s desert mountain bike trail system during the heat of the day -over 90 degrees- and decided to celebrate her birthday a day early. Her gifts included some new bikepacking gear, and after opening it, we opted to head for a quick overnight along the Edge Loop and to check out the freshly constructed Sarlacc Trail.  We ended up packing through the heat of the day and hitting the trails once the temps started to drop!

That evening we cranked out roughly ten miles and found an excellent campsite off the trail just before dark.  Subtle cloud cover and a constant breeze created an excellent evening above the desert.

Waking up the next morning, on Grete’s birthday, I knew that it was a special day.  Enjoying the views over a delicious oatmeal breakfast, I decided to go dig around through my pack for a certain piece of jewelry I had been carrying around for about a month…

During the final fleeting sunburst of the morning, I asked Grete to come “check out this thing I found on the ground,” took a knee and asked her to marry me!  She said yes! I couldn’t be more excited to be engaged to the love of my life -my dream girl- Grete!

The rest of the day, and rest of the trip, was filled with blissful happiness as we camped under the stars, enjoyed our first campfire of the season, and biked around Loma the next day.  Here are a handful of pictures from the trip… enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A Couple Days in Fruita…

  1. Zach

    I read your blog off Facebook a little while ago. Best story so far of All your stories, must be the engagement with Grete. Ya think! No kidding, I as reading it out loud to your mom and your not so Mach dad started tearing up and choking up….on your second to last paragraph. I had to stop reading to re-compose myself. I am so happy you and Grete found each other! We are happy and very proud of you both. We see a partnership like your mom and I have experienced and believe me, it has been and is super! Bless you both and what a beautiful location to propose to Grete! Well done son.

    Keep smiling and do take care.


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