The Northwest Couloir of the Pfeifferhorn

3/13/14 – Well Jonny showed up for a week of skiing in mid-March and, given the stable conditions, he and those around him were able to get after it… Grete showed him and another friend, Bryce, the goods all week long around Silverfork, Solitude, and Big Cottonwood Canyon while I was stuck at work.  When that day came around to finally enjoy the weekend, our posse set our sights on one of the Wasatch classics – the Pfeifferhorn’s NW Couloir.  Jonny and I had camped below it the previous season and had a feeling we’d be coming back for the line.

So, we set out bright and early with our stomachs full of Chuck-o-Rama and wandered our way up to the top in only a few hours.  The skiing in the couloir was sketchy, wind-buffed, and bullet-proof above the mandatory rappel… PERFECT FOR ADVENTURE!  Below the cruxy and crusty rappel, the skiing improved dramatically and we each arched hero-snow super-g turns out on the apron below.  The snow was actually so good, we all went back up the apron for seconds! It was a glorious day filled with nerve-racking, butt-puckering “skiing” and spent with the best of friends.  Here are some pictures that probably tell the story a little better…



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