Buchanan Pass and Sourdough

1/10/2015 – Here are a couple of shots – from a little fatbike rallying last weekend – to hold you over while I wrap up the final edits on more excellent fatbike adventuring from the fall…

Dave and I got out and attempted to ride up towards Buchanan Pass in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  We rode until it was more push biking and post-holing than actual riding, then turned back and RIPPED the downhill.  Then we headed up the Sourdough Trail and enjoyed it to its fullest… until we again were post-holing and pushing our bikes up the trail.  Similarly, the downhill was awesome and we returned to the car stoked! So we loaded up and headed down to ride the Betasso Preserve figure-eight in Boulder Canyon… and, again, couldn’t stop smiling!  Aside from a couple good crashes and an exciting few sections of side-hilly ice, the riding was phenomenal all day long!

And the celebratory beers before a sunset descent down the Link trail were just as good!


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