The White Rim

11/20 to 11/22/14 – After a failed attempt at the Idaho Hot Springs route, Jonny and I pondered what to do with our bikes and free time.  We dreamed of a place where there was less snow, or even no snow… And of course, the Utah desert offered a promise of dryness and beauty, even in mid-November.  We concluded the White Rim was the classic ride we ought to go for.  Dave, who was still in Colorado packed an ready to meet us in Idaho to toil through a “polar vortex,” liked the idea of the White Rim a whole lot more than re-attempting Idaho and winter.  So, after a few days of driving, we ended up back in the Moab-area in the fall for another bike tour.

Being that Jonny’s beloved Galloping Goober was in a rough state of ride-ability, we had some maintenance to do before we took off on the trail.  This led to a (classicly Dream Team) start time of around 2:30pm with ~40 miles to go to the White Crack campground for the night.  Dropping off of Island in the Sky down to the White Rim is an amazing experience that truly allows oneself to disconnect from the rest of the world scurrying above and wholly enjoy being out in the wilderness again.

The trail rode beautifully, and we saw only a handful of people throughout our three days on the trail.  The temperatures were downright pleasant, day and night.  Our days were spent riding along the plush double-track, exploring astounding vistas amid games of “rochy” ball, doing yoga and eating… It was EXCELLENT.  The climb back off the White Rim clearly indicated another re-entry into civilization, and the final few miles of tarmac back to the cars were pulling on the heartstrings a bit… If only the White Rim was more miles! Great ride, with great buddies… Enjoy the photos?


5 thoughts on “The White Rim

  1. Guys awesome trip!
    Could you please tell me the brand/model of front and rear bags that you guys used? (Would love to buy them!)


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