The North East… I Actually Went There!

9/16 to 9/23/2014 – A spontaneous trip out east was in the cards this fall as I had yet to meet Grete’s extended family and our good friends, the Livingstones, were getting married… So we bought tickets and, fresh off of the Colorado Trail, hopped on an airplane destined for NYC!  Many of Grete’s cousins, her Aunt Pam, and a whole bunch of their kids have been brought up around the Big Apple, so meeting them meant exploring a bit of the mega-metropolis.  We ended up spending two days wandering about NYC, where the guidance of her family helped us cover a ton of ground while enjoying the food, the sights, and a bit of the soul of this urban hub!  A short drive north brought us to more family in the Berkshires of Massachusetts – a beautiful spot tucked into Appalachian foothills.  Also during the trip, we ran up to northern Vermont to see Grete’s life-long friend Delaney, and to attend our good friends – Scot and Elise’s – wedding!  If only we could have spent more time in that glorious green state!  All-in-all it was a whirlwind adventure chocked-full of excellent people!  Thanks to everyone for housing us and showing us some high-quality East-coast hospitality!  Oh… and here are a few photos…



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