Spring in Washington

Late April through early May – After the season had wrapped up in Utah, Grete and I headed to visit my folks in Seattle and to start work on our new summer home… A 1973 Airstream Argosy 24′.  The project was all-consuming for roughly three weeks but we occasionally got out for quick hikes and brief escapes into the Cascades (to keep our sanity)!  The photos below clearly illustrate where the project started and what work we put into it.  In all, we repainted the whole exterior (special painted model of Airstream), painted a few interior walls, installed new laminate wood floors, built and sewed totally new upholstery, and installed a new “tiny tot” wood burning stove.  It was an excellent project that required extensive teamwork and created a wonderful (mobile) home for Grete, Bonnie, and I!  I’ll get some glamour shots up of the trailer eventually…

Also while in Washington, Grete, Cam, and I skied Mt. Adams (previously posted), skied Cinco-de-Mayo (closing day) at Alpental and the included ski photos are from (another) attempt at the Hidden Lake Lookout.  The trip again included: big packs, a super slog, raining until tree-line, whiteout in the alpine, natural avalanches raining mysteriously from above in the fog, and another turn around and toil-out back to the truck… Maybe the third time’s the charm?



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