The Forgotten Season

December 2012 to April 2013 – My second winter out in the Wasatch I skied alot.  I was fortunate to meet a new (and always available) friend and touring partner – Jesse Dudley – who was just as stoked to get out and after the mountains! The season also offered the most snow of my three seasons in the Wasatch, and most of it came in small consistent storms – the best type for backcountry skiing.  It turned out I was skiing so much that I largely stopped editing photos and definitely lost touch with my blog…

So this post is looking back at the many adventures of an excellent winter spent with incredible folks and fills the gap between A Couple More Tours and The Sawtooths… or is it Sawteeth?.  The people photographed here are (in no particular order): Jesse Dudley, Hannah Rossman, Kyle and Heidi Gilbert, Scot Livingstone, Dave Reed, Jonny Cromwell, Jay Bohlin, Jeremy Brodney, Doug Catherine, Aaron Goeller (aka Uncle Jimmy), Ian Reddell and Alex Jenson.  Mentionable adventures include: overnight under the Pfiefferhorn, Moonlight Basin, the Heart of Darkness, Terminal Cancer, and even more couloir/chute skiing!

Thanks to everybody that I had the opportunity to adventure with that season!  You folks made it as AWESOME and I apologize the photos are a little late…



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