The Lower Salmon

9/3 to 9/10/2013 – Grete and I have worked for an excellent rafting company, Liquid Descent, for the past few summers doing daily sections of quality Colorado whitewater.  Guiding whitewater with paying guests can get a little repetitive after a while and our perpetually-super-stoked owner, Alan, proposed the idea of a multi-day trip to wrap up the season.  It sounded like a great way to roll into the shoulder season and fit wonderfully between riding on the Colorado Trail, a visit back to Washington, and riding the Kokopelli… so Grete and I were in!

The trip was planned to be roughly a week out on the Lower Salmon in Idaho.  We rafted in what would be considered low water, for locals, but enjoyed the change in scenery and pace that the trip offered.  I could go into more detail about the many adventures of the trip, but instead will simply let the photos tell the story…

Also, there are two stories worth mentioning, not told by photos:

1. Grete super-wrapping the gear-boat (with mini-me trailer boat) in Chinaman’s Rapid

2. The 24-hour drive back with White Lightning (the van) overheating almost hourly…

Great friends, white sand beaches, and lots of beer made for excellent trip I won’t ever forget!



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