Montucky Summertime

5/31 to 8/2/2015 – Well, it’s been a glorious summer so far in NW Montana.  Grete and I have been outside so much that I really haven’t had a chance to edit -let alone post- photos and stories of our adventures… So here is a super broad post covering a couple of months of incredible wandering around around our wonderful new home! I’ll toss a couple photos up from each adventure, with the hope that I will have the chance to catch up and post complete stories this fall!

Included adventures on this post are: trail-running around Many Glacier, bicycling Red Meadow Pass loop, running up to Grace Lake, running Firebrand Pass to Izaak Walton, schwacking around Hall Lake, running the Dawson-Pitamakin Loop, bikepacking the Ralph Thayer Memorial Trail, and adventure-biking in the Ten Lakes area…  These are only the adventures the camera has come along on and don’t include our awesome trip to Colorado to get married! Enjoy!



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