Late Summer Adventures

Well, Grete and I have still been avidly adventuring… enough to keep me off the internet and away from my blog… but it seemed like time for another post!  Covered in this little blurb from our lives is a most excellent run from Lake McDonald Lodge to the Jackson Glacier Overlook over Gunsight Pass in Glacier National Park and a couple photos from some high quality biking from a long weekend around McCall, ID.

The run was another classic of the park, and we thoroughly enjoyed the views and solitude the mountains offered that day.  The run began by weaving through lush forests as it ascended towards Sperry Chalet.  It had begun to snow in the park in the couple of days leading up to our run, creating a sharply contrasting world of mountains, snow, and rock the higher we climbed.  We figured if we kept moving it wouldn’t be too cold, and accepted that there would be some snow to negotiate… turns out it was knee-deep (in places) and no-one had been up past Lake Ellen Wilson since the fresh snow had fallen.  The warming hut on top was pleasant and offered gorgeous views up to the low cloudline.  On the backside of the pass, we saw nobody for a good few miles except for a couple grizzly bears (who were far too close for our comfort)!  Exciting times on a gorgeous run with my badass wife!

Our trip to McCaul was for a our good friends – Eli and Mariana’s – wedding up at Begdorf Hotsprings.  We rallied out and tucked ourselves up in the mountains near the hot springs for a couple days of camping and biking.  The trails up there are AWESOME, and we’d love to go back for a longer stay.  Better than the trails, though, was the beautiful backwoods wedding at the glorious Bergdorf Hotsprings!  The couple was clearly ecstatic to be getting married and, mixed with the wonderful rainfall, made for an unforgettable evening under the stars in the classic mountain hot spring.  We’ll certainly be back…



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