Costa Rica Luna de Miel

11/05 to 11/23/2015 – “MUCHOS GRACIAS POR FAVOR…” I repeated over and over to the friendly local farmer who was wading thigh-deep across the Bongo River with our tandem on his back… This only continued my spiral deep into being clearly identified as the dumb gringo tourist on an odd-ball “bicycleta grande” with his beautiful, much more bilingual, wife.  But you know what? We were tourists – bicycle tourists – in a foreign country and we were soaking in the country in every way we could; pedalling along with wide eyes and a camera lens focused on the new and the experience!

Rewind back to July, when the love of my life, Grete, and I got married, but couldn’t quite swing an immediate honeymoon after the wedding… or at least the brand of honeymoon we wanted… which is exactly what we lined up for the month of November: three weeks, a foreign country, and our new tandem bicycle!  At our nuptials, we asked for one gift that we could use for adventure together for the rest of our lives – a tandem bicycle, and our loving family and friends came through and delivered us with a lovely all-steel Co-Motion Java Co-Pilot.  The bike was built with glorious S and S Couplers that allow it to break apart and fit completely into two checkable airline luggage cases… perfect for international travel.  So, to start off on the right foot with our new bike and new life together, we (rather spontaneously) booked a trip to Costa Rica, and left our jobs for the month of November to go do some bicycle adventuring.

When we left SeaTac International Airport on the evening of November 5th, we had only booked our first and last night’s lodgings and our return flight… other than that we figured the plan would work itself out once we got on the ground.  Also, neither of us speak Spainish (although I had visited Costa Rica breifly a few years ago).  It was going to be an awesome trip… and I’ll let the photos tell the story from here…

Our Route (roughly):” target=”_blank”>Costa Rica Tour GPX From SPOT

The basic idea of the tour was San Jose – Manuel Antonio – north on the Pacific coast – traverse the Nicoya Penninsula to Santa Theresa – north along Pacific coast of the Nicoya to Samara – re-traverse inland to Monteverde – around Laguna de Arenal to La Fortuna – back to San Jose.

First and foremost, thanks to all of our friends and family who made this happen! We’d like to thank Co-Motion for getting our dream bicycle designed so damn well that our only mechanical issue was replacing both sets of brake pads (from blasting through steep downhills)!  We’d also like to thank Oveja Negra Threadworks for their exceptional craftsmanship and speed at custom building our frame bags in the couple weeks before the trip (these things are SWEET!!!)!  Finally, a special thanks should go out to the amazing folks at Glacier Cyclery for all the time (and love) you each put into building this bicycle to hold up to the rigors of tandem international touring!

Our tandem bicycle honeymoon is the just the tip of the iceberg for us… and we are SO happy that we get to wander and tour together, so look forward to more adventuring in the future!



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