Winter So Far…

12/1/2015 to 1/31/2016 – It was a mighty unusual transition back from Costa Rica’s hot, humid,  sun-filled tropical climate to NW Montana’s cold, grey, snow-filled winter one… but we were really excited to be home again.  We were easily distracted from our climatic concerns by the thing we missed the most while adventuring: our beloved big white dog Bonnie, and we were ecstatic to be back and hanging out with her!  After an awesome Thanksgiving, we bee-lined it back home to Montana to start new jobs and start getting after winter!

Unfortunately in the couple of weeks after our return to Whitefish, Bonnie’s old-age caught up with her, and as her health descended downwards, we sadly realized that her end was near.  She descended as a snowflake does in the winter sky – inevitably downwards but floating lightly and happily towards her unknown resting time and place.  Fortunately, it all happened quickly and the best dog we’ve ever had the privilege of calling our own passed away just before Christmas.  So here is a beloved photo in memory of her:

Bonnie, Enjoying Her Favorite Season

After her passing, we thankfully had a wonderful visit from Grete’s folks to chipper us up, a spontaneous trip up to Fernie, B.C. for a couple of days of lovely powder skiing, and then Christmas back in Washington with more family to keep our spirits up!  Since Christmas, the snow has generally just continued to pile on up, inch-by-inch, outside our little house in Whitefish… and the skiing, xc skiing (yes, we have occasionally given in), and fatbiking has only continued to get better!  So anyways… here are some photos of these such adventures:



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