Will You Be My Valentine at Yurtski?

2/13 to 2/15/2016 – After a solid month of routine work, skiing, eating and sleeping Grete and I were needing something to change it up. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I booked Yurtski’s Lupine yurt in the southern Swan Range for the weekend.  As plans evolved (in the last couple days before the trip) we ended up with two good friends accompanying us up for a mellow weekend in the woods!  So on Saturday morning we rallied out of Whitefish, grabbed a borrowed snowmobile (thanks Don + Colleen), and headed to the trailhead.  The weather was warm, but not raining, as we packed ourselves and the sled for the 10+ mile snowmobile ride into the yurt.  As we ascended on our couple of laps up, the temperatures dropped and it began to snow a bit… a good omen for a weekend of skiing!

The weekend flew by with quality skiing throughout (until the last day at least), great eating, and even better company.  We all left rested and reenergized for the rest of winter… which was exactly the goal of the trip!  Here are some photos of the lovely weekend:



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