Hungry Horse to Swan Crest

6/19 to 6/21/2016 – Well it’s been a beautiful summer here in NW Montana, and the bicycling, running, and general adventuring has been top tier… hence why posts are still just barely trickling out and are months behind!  Anyways, this little photo story is from a 3-day/2-night experiment in bikepacking around Hungry Horse Reservoir with additional fun in and around the Swan Crest.  I embarked on this adventure with a good buddy, Matt, who enjoys almost every outdoor activity he can, but had yet to try bikepacking!

The ride encompassed pedaling down the Eastside Hungry Horse Road, crossing the South Fork of the Flathead River, then moseying up to the top of the Swan Crest for a ripping descent down Broken Leg Divide, with hopes of re-crossing the Swan Crest back to the Reservoir to finish… It turned out (as I’m sure the photos will illustrate) that we were too early, and a combination of unmelted snows and uncleared trails made for some high-quality recreational toiling that ended a long second day with an 11:30pm arrival at camp!  We did pedal around the Reservoir and crossed the Swan Crest, but opted against a re-crossing due to weather and trail conditions!  Anywho, enjoy the photos!



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