The Red Meadow 100(ish)

6/12 to 6/13/2016 – Another overnighter bikepacking trip from earlier this summer was this excellent trip with both Grete and Burket!  Grete and I were itching to get out on our beloved tandem and Burket was needing to break in his new (to him) Karate Monkey so we loaded them up and headed out! We rode from home, then up and over Red Meadow Pass and camped in Polebridge.  The next day, after breakfast bear claws, we wandered our way down the Inside North Fork Road in Glacier National Park and then moseyed our way back to Whitefish.  The weather was rather beautiful and the riding was a blast (mostly fast dirt roads).

Burket had an excellent (and timely) post about it on his blog and the route ended up getting posted on as well!   Here are my (and Grete’s) photos that tell the story better than my brief words above…



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