The Busy Part of the Summer of 2016…

6/26 to 8/11/2016 – Well here goes another round of photos that happen to only be a couple of months behind!  Since the last update, we’d began to hit our summer stride and hopped out on a couple of classic run/hike/jikes.  Grete and I had a deuzy of a day on our first trip into the  Bob Marshall Wilderness, moseying 20% further than originally planned… but had so much fun that we went back for more trail  wandering a couple of weeks later (and there is SO much more in that wonderfully gigantic wilderness)!

A flood of summer visitors began in early July, with our good buddy Nic and his rather pleasant pooch – Duke.  Nic likes to fish, and had just picked up a new raft for the summer… so we headed out on a lovely 3-day float of the North Fork of the Flathead River for the 4th of July weekend. After that, my little sister Jessi and her beau, Amin, showed up for a brief – but activity packed – trip to Montana.  We enjoyed hiking in Glacier, attempted camping at Hungry Horse Reservoir and more in the scant 36 hours they were in town! A few days later, Grete’s mom Diane showed up for a few days of hiking and adventuring.  She tackled each of our days out – including the long yet classic Dawson-Pitamakin loop in Two Medicine – with no problem, clearly showing her zealous love for hiking.  She was such a trooper, we even got this (probable) aquaphobe out canoeing!  Quickly after Diane departed, a good friend from college, Graham, and his lady, Kelley, arrived for a week of fresh air (coming from the Windy City)… We hadn’t told them that I had booked a fire-lookout during their trip and merely expected them hop in and enjoy it… Thankfully they did!  All four of us wandered up to the Mt. Wam Lookout, high up in the northern end of the Whitefish Range (almost Canada), and had a splendid afternoon – evening – night – and morning at the rustic lookout!

Anywho, after over a month of visitors, we were pretty pooped… and I’ll end the babbling there for now and get on to the photos… enjoy!

So it seems the adventure ball has been rolling nearly out of control the last couple of months and, hence, has negatively influenced my photo (post) production… but don’t worry, because there is a whole bunch more of these little visual adventure glimpses on the way!



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