The Enchantments Traverse

8/15/2016 – While on a relaxing week-long tip to the old family cabin on Lake Chelan, Grete and I decided we had to get out into the Cascades for a day… Being that the Enchantments were only an hour or so away, and I had only seen the area under the cover of snow, it seemed like the Enchantments Traverse was the perfect day trip.  We got a shuttle bump from my folks and headed off on the trail towards Colchuck Lake around 9am.  Roughly 8 hours (of attempted running through jaw-dropping scenery) later, we popped back out of the woods at the Snow Lakes trailhead.  The awe-inspiring environment quickly established that speed was not the focus of the hike that day, but instead the simple enjoyment of a glorious landscape that reinvented its incredible beauty around every turn. Here is the best I could do at capturing even the slightest bit of the enchanting majesty of these mountains.



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