The Lovely Month of September

9/3 to 9/20/2016 – Suddenly it was September, and the long, warm days of summer quickly transitioned into crisp and ever-shortening days of autumn.  With this change in season, came a renewed vigor for the outdoors (because fall is the BEST time of year to play in the mountains).

Grete and I joined a large group of friends down in Big Sky, MT for the classic mountain running race – The Rut – during the first weekend of September.  Burket and I hopped out on the course to shoot photos and cheer our wives on during their wonderful 28k run.  The ladies crushed it and finished together (and strong)! The weather turned ugly that afternoon, just in time to change-up and slop-up the course for the 50k the following day.  Burket, myself and a handful of other friends from the Flathead enjoyed our long damp wander through forests of Big Sky and Moonlight ski areas.  All-in-all, “Team-No-Training” did well with every race entrant finishing! Here are some photos from the 28k day…

A week or so after, I finally acted on a summer-long hankering to mosey through the Floral Park Traverse.  It was a glorious autumn day to be out solo in the mountains and I embraced the wonderful solitude offered in the high-country of Glacier National Park.  Similar to the Enchantments, the natural beauty encountered along the traverse was astounding and forced me to slow down and be lost in my environment.  Hopefully, these images do even the slightest bit of justice for the Floral Park Traverse…

Another few days later, my best bud Casey came up for a quick but quality visit.  He rallied up after work, cruising through the 16 hour drive to arrive in Whitefish by noon on a Sunday… then we immediately packed-up and headed out on a two-night backpacking trip in Glacier.  He made it the 6 miles in to Poia Lake casually running on 4ish hours of sleep!  The next morning, we wandered up and over Red Gap Pass, then down into the Belly River area of the park.  The views (once through the rain/sleet/snow storm atop the pass) looking down at Elizabeth Lake were spectacular and our spirits lightened as we descended into the valley; and continued to improve as we moseyed along the lake and up to our second night’s camp at Lake Helen.  What a magnificent corner of Glacier Lake Helen is!  The next day, with the weather improving, we wandered up and through the Ptarmigan Tunnel and back to Many Glacier.  By the time we returned to the car, we had covered ~38 miles in 2.5 days and easily settled into the long drive home elated and exhausted.  Enjoy the photos!



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