Idaho Hot Springs… Round 2

9/22 to 10/8/2016 – The Idaho Batholith is a large granitic intrusion that forms the mountains at the heart of the Idaho Hot Springs route.  The igneous intrusion that formed the Sawtooths, the Salmon River Mountains and most of the rest of central Idaho’s high country also fuel the hot springs that are so prevalent throughout the Gem State.  These hot springs form when superheated ground water rises up to the surface through faults and cracks in the rocks forming these lovely mountains. Idaho claims to have the most soakable hot springs of any state in the USA…

After a failed attempt at the Idaho Hot Springs Route a couple of years ago, I finally had the chance this fall to head back and give it another shot!  This time around, we opted for riding in late September/early October rather than mid-November and the weather turned out much more manageable (although we still got snowed on!).

Joe and I started our tour headed south from Garden Valley, ID, leaving around 10pm… From there, the trip wove down through Idaho City, out to Atlanta, then to Ketchum, and up to Stanley, where we met up with Pete.  Joe headed home, to get ready for a winter in Costa Rica, and Pete and I continued on.  We rode over to Warm Lake, fought our way to Burgdorf Hot Springs, cruised down to McCall, then back down through the mountains to Crouch and back to the car.  All-in-all the ride consisted of over 500 miles of lovely dirt road riding with bits of challenging singletrack tossed in the mix.  The weather offered all of the mountain variety of a quality autumn – Indian summer to start then wet and wild to finish! We averaged at least 1 hot spring soak per day and thoroughly enjoyed the lovely Idaho countryside and people we met along the way!

Here are some photos…




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