Some Family Outings

4/1 to 5/9/2016 – When you get a call from your best buddies proposing that they might come stay with you for a month, take them up on it.  Then they’ll stay longer.  And keep coming back. And that’s the best part.

That was the case when Jonny and Leslie came back to town last spring.  They showed up ready for adventures of any type, ended up buying and renovating a school bus, and helped make our home feel filled like a little happy family.

Throughout their visit, we went on a sloppy spring hut trip to the Grassy Hut in BC, worked a whole bunch on a school bus, bikepacked up to Kintla Lake, pack-rafted/kayaked/canoed a little, skied Mt. Stanton in Glacier National Park (with Burket and Claire), ran a whole bunch, attempted to ski Great Northern Mountain, introduced Leslie to mountain biking, and skied Mt. Baker in the North Cascades… Essentially, these two wonderful individuals were down for any idea Grete or myself might think up!   Here are the photos that tell those stories a bit better.




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