Spring in Glacier – 2016

5/2/2016 – I finally got the chance to get out with the local mountain legend, and my awesome boss, Don Scharfe.  This fella has a level mountain mastery that the community of the Flathead Valley respects and learns from.  His passion and skills are self taught and come simply from years spent in zealous wandering in the mountains.  Along with Dondo, Katie and Kristen joined in for a summit and ski off of Rising Wolf Mountain, in the Two Medicine area of GNP.  It was a glorious spring day with great folks and high quality skiing!

5/11 to 5/13/2016 – Another trip into Glacier this spring was to help out with the USGS’s annual mass-balance study of the Sperry Glacier.  I happily accepted the invitation to return with the super solid crew – Erich, Adam, and Katie – for the couple of days of heavy packs, variable weather, lots of digging and beautiful views.  The first day up on the glacier was rather challenging as a new storm front pushed in and stalled work.  But day two made up for it with clear skies, fresh snow, and glorious views of the high country of GNP.  For more information on the project, check out the Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems website.  I certainly feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to help out the past couple seasons with this project and hope to continue to in the future!



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