A Quick Winter Walk into Ten Lakes

2/10 to 2/11/2017 – I had a nice little story written up about this excellent trip into the Wolverine Cabin in Ten Lakes… but then it mysteriously disappeared when I published the post… So here is the quick and dirty – Daan spontaneously flew in from Denver to visit Jonny and I (temporarily reuniting a good portion of the Dream Team).  With wet looking weather forecasted and high avalanche danger, we figured a long walk to a remote cabin with an unknown wood supply was our best course of action to ensure a memorable adventure for our friend.  In true Dream Team fashion, we started at the trailhead around noon and moseyed our way in to arrive just before headlamps became neccassary.  The next morning, we snagged a quick lap of high quality tree skiing and then boogied back out.  Along the way, we remotely triggered a decent sized avalanche, nabbed a peak, and skied some wondrously tight trees!  All-in-all, it was a glorious 30 hour adventure to a pretty special spot near Canada! Here are the photos…



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