Hanging On To Winter…

5/5 to 5/30/2017 – We had an excellent winter here in the Flathead Valley, with storm after storm rolling in and filling the mountains with plentiful snow.  Therefore, come spring time, there was plenty of skiing still to do (and plenty more currently).  Here are photos from a handful of great spring outings in the high country.  Included in the photo set is the annual spring USGS Sperry Glacier trip, a moseying traverse of Mt. Baptiste and Red Sky Mountain in the Flatheads, skiing Mt. Siyeh’s West Couloir, and a wander up Grinnell Mountain.  Even better than the lovely days out, were the folks I had the opportunity to enjoy the mountains with on these trips!  Those awesome mountain people include Adam Clark, Erich Peitzch, Katie Borgen, Erin Whorton, Jason Mills, Grete, and David Powder Steele.  I’ll let the photos do the talking (as usual)… enjoy!

Sperry –

Mt. Baptiste & Red Sky –

Mt. Siyeh –

Mt. Grinnell –

Don’t worry, if you’ve been waiting, keep waiting because the photos and some words will appear from my Alaska trip this spring as well… All good things come with time!



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