We’ve been hiking a bit…

Mid-May to Early-August 2017 – Well, this summer rolled in quick, hot and dry after our wet spring, and hasn’t let off yet (for a single day!).  We’ve been enjoying the endless blue skies (until recent wildfire smoke rolled in and a surprise damp cool day on the Rocky Mountain Front) by getting out and moseying about in the woods.  Of course, we’ve done a good bit of tandem bicycling in new and old places, but – with the addition of our little dog, Blue – we’ve really began enjoying backpacking more. Grete, Blue and I have wandered along in the east side of the Bob Marshall Wilderness a couple times, hiked around Waterton National Park, walked into the southwestern corner of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, and have enjoyed the Whitefish Range as well.  We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the company of good friends and family on a few of these outings, and the photos below include my brother Gabe, as well as close friends Pete, Nic, Burket, and Claire.  I could further explain where all the individual trips are, but would rather just let the photos do the talking… Enjoy!



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