Mid-Winter Goodness

2/1 to 3/13/16 – Again, I’ve gotten behind on the blog.  The reason for this delay is that good friends, plentiful adventures and great weather have forced me outside and away from my computer… schucks! Well, here goes another little posting about a whole bunch of wonderful wanderings out in the woods from mid-season this […]

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Washington Righteousness

5/14/2011 to 5/20/2011 – After a week long roadtrip from Colorado back to Washington (due to Winston’s incredible stubbornness) the Pacific Northwest ski mountaineering adventure began.  I met up with Jonny Cromwell, Daan Stevenson, and Andrew Steger shortly after their 3-day attempt at Mt. Rainier.  We skied a classic PNW day at Alpental with rain […]

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A Bit of Bouldering

4/2/2011 – Little sister got into Boulder the night before, so I decided to take her out bouldering (the most authentically “Boulder” thing to do?) with some friends.  Here are a couple of my favorites from the day!

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