Some Family Outings

4/1 to 5/9/2016 – When you get a call from your best buddies proposing that they might come stay with you for a month, take them up on it.  Then they’ll stay longer.  And keep coming back. And that’s the best part. That was the case when Jonny and Leslie came back to town last […]

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The Yoho Traverse

3/22 to 3/25/2016 – Being that we live so close to the border, Grete and I had a major Canadian itch to scratch this last ski season.  We wanted to get our feet wet with Canadian ski traversing and hoped to get to see some gigantic glaciers too!  Thankfully, we had friends (Anthony and Becca) […]

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The Forgotten Season

December 2012 to April 2013 – My second winter out in the Wasatch I skied alot.  I was fortunate to meet a new (and always available) friend and touring partner – Jesse Dudley – who was just as stoked to get out and after the mountains! The season also offered the most snow of my three […]

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Wasatch Backcountry Adventures

12/4/2011 to 12/26/2011 – Here are a few photos from a couple of recent tours out into the Wasatch backcountry. The first photo is of Scott Anderson enjoying some funky sugar pow in the Silver Fork Meadows on December 4th.  A  couple of the old Niwot Ridge crew were en-route to San Francisco and swung […]

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A Few Randos…

I figured I should toss a post together before finals week really sets in, so here are some pictures.  First, you have Jonny Cromwell skiing a gnarly rock drop where he kicked off a nice little slab slide out of the East Portal.  Next is a photo of Alex Umbhau ripping some single track through […]

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Snow Camping in a Three Season Tent

Three-season tents do not do very well when the high for the day is ten degrees Fahrenheit.  January 3rd – 5th I accompanied backcountry skier Alexander Umbhau and snowboarder Casey LeFever into Rocky Mountain National Park for a couple of days of freezing temperatures, earn-your turns powder laps, and winter camping at its finest.  Here […]

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