Early Summer Adventuring…

5/8 to 6/8/2016 – Here is another collection of photos from day-trips early on this summer…  We’ve got a couple pictures from tandeming up Going to the Sun Road, a run up in the Cabinets Wilderness, as well as a jog up to Triple Divide Pass and Medicine Grizzly Lake in Glacier.  That lovely lady Grete really likes […]

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Late Summer Adventures

Well, Grete and I have still been avidly adventuring… enough to keep me off the internet and away from my blog… but it seemed like time for another post!  Covered in this little blurb from our lives is a most excellent run from Lake McDonald Lodge to the Jackson Glacier Overlook over Gunsight Pass in […]

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The Lower Salmon

9/3 to 9/10/2013 – Grete and I have worked for an excellent rafting company, Liquid Descent, for the past few summers doing daily sections of quality Colorado whitewater.  Guiding whitewater with paying guests can get a little repetitive after a while and our perpetually-super-stoked owner, Alan, proposed the idea of a multi-day trip to wrap […]

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Canoeing Up Lake Chelan

10/17 to 10/22/14′ – When you sit in a canoe all day for 6 straight days you learn a few things about this timeless style of exploration.  Here are a few things Grete and I picked up while paddling up the 55 mile-long Lake Chelan in late October: 1. Canoeing is like backpacking on water. […]

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The Mighty Mendenhall Glacier

10/28/2011 – No more than two hours after having landed in Alaska (back on October 3rd), I was out hiking around the Mendenhall Valley with a couple of my WEMT classmates.  The glacier was a powerful piece of geologic and climatological history that immediately instilled in me the belief that Alaska is something special and […]

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