The Lovely Month of September

9/3 to 9/20/2016 – Suddenly it was September, and the long, warm days of summer quickly transitioned into crisp and ever-shortening days of autumn.  With this change in season, came a renewed vigor for the outdoors (because fall is the BEST time of year to play in the mountains). Grete and I joined a large […]

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The Enchantments Traverse

8/15/2016 – While on a relaxing week-long tip to the old family cabin on Lake Chelan, Grete and I decided we had to get out into the Cascades for a day… Being that the Enchantments were only an hour or so away, and I had only seen the area under the cover of snow, it seemed like […]

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Early Summer Adventuring…

5/8 to 6/8/2016 – Here is another collection of photos from day-trips early on this summer…  We’ve got a couple pictures from tandeming up Going to the Sun Road, a run up in the Cabinets Wilderness, as well as a jog up to Triple Divide Pass and Medicine Grizzly Lake in Glacier.  That lovely lady Grete really likes […]

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The Red Meadow 100(ish)

6/12 to 6/13/2016 – Another overnighter bikepacking trip from earlier this summer was this excellent trip with both Grete and Burket!  Grete and I were itching to get out on our beloved tandem and Burket was needing to break in his new (to him) Karate Monkey so we loaded them up and headed out! We […]

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The Island Lake Loop

5/29 to 5/30, 2016 – Earlier in the summer, I had the opportunity to get out on a couple of sweet overnighter bike rides.  Of course the photos are a couple months late, but here is another quick posting! This lovely little loop ride travels from Whitefish and wanders along mostly dirt backroads out to Island Lake, then […]

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Hungry Horse to Swan Crest

6/19 to 6/21/2016 – Well it’s been a beautiful summer here in NW Montana, and the bicycling, running, and general adventuring has been top tier… hence why posts are still just barely trickling out and are months behind!  Anyways, this little photo story is from a 3-day/2-night experiment in bikepacking around Hungry Horse Reservoir with additional […]

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